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1.1. Z Impact Ventures SA (“Zebra Impact Ventures”), through its website www.zebraventures.ch (“Website”), provides information on its activities, without promoting any products or services for entrepreneurs and investors who visit the Website (each a “User”).  

1.2. By accessing the Website, Users agree to abide by the present terms and conditions (the “Terms”). Users declare that they have read and understood the Terms and declare their consent with the Terms. Users who do not agree to abide by the Terms shall not use the Website.

1.3 Zebra Impact Ventures reserves the right to amend the Terms at any time. Users who do not agree to abide by the Terms after such amendment, shall cease their use of the Website.

1.4. Zebra Impact Ventures is a financial institution supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (“FINMA”). Zebra Impact Ventures business in connection with the Website is not subject to financial markets regulation, in particular the Federal Act on Financial Services (“FinSA”).

1.5. The Website and its content are not directed at, or intended for distribution to, any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of, or located or established in, any jurisdiction where in particular the use of the Website would be contrary to applicable law or regulation or would subject Zebra Impact Ventures to any registration and/or licensing requirements and/or to any supervision in such jurisdiction. USERS COVENANT THAT THEY ARE NOT SUBJECT TO LEGAL OR REGULATORY RESTRICTIONS WHICH MAY AFFECT THEIR ELIGIBILITY TO ACCESS AND USE THE WEBSITE. PROFESSIONAL LEGAL ADVICE SHALL BE SOUGHT IN CASE OF ANY DOUBT. USERS ARE IN PARTICULAR SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SWISS FEDERAL AND LOCAL TAX CONSEQUENCES, THE U.S. FEDERAL TAX CONSEQUENCES AS WELL AS ANY OTHER TAX CONSEQUENCES UNDER THE LAW OF ANY STATE OR RELEVANT LOCAL AUTHORITY AND SHALL SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE IN CASE OF ANY DOUBT.


2.1. To the extent permitted under applicable law, Zebra Impact Ventures, and any of its employees, officers, directors or affiliates (each a “Zebra Impact Ventures Person”), waive all liability for any direct, indirect, consequential or special losses or damages of any kind whatsoever, arising from, any reliance on any of the content provided on the Website.

2.2. Zebra Impact Ventures uses reasonable efforts to obtain information from sources which Zebra Impact Ventures believes to be reliable. However, Zebra Impact Ventures does not endorse, support, represent or warrant for accuracy, completeness or reliability of any content, information, opinion or forecast provided on the Website by the Users.

2.3. Zebra Impact Ventures does not solicit any offer, or advice or recommend to buy or sell interest in any company or to conclude any transaction of any kind whatsoever.

2.4. Zebra Impact Ventures does not warrant for uninterrupted and/or error-free availability and/or accessibility of the Website, nor for continuous availability of information once provided on the Website at all times.

2.5. Users have no claim against Zebra Impact Ventures for the placement of advertising or similar content notably on the Website or in connection with the display of such content.

2.6. The Website may contain links to other websites. Zebra Impact Ventures is not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions on such websites and such websites are not investigated, monitored or checked for accuracy or completeness.


Zebra Impact Ventures’s Privacy Policy is accessible at https://www.zebraventures.ch/privacy-policy/


4.1. Zebra Impact Ventures owns the copyright and all intellectual property rights on content published on the Website by Zebra Impact Ventures or has acquired an appropriate license to publish such content on the Website.

4.2. Users grant Zebra Impact Ventures a worldwide, nonexclusive, royalty free, perpetual license on content, including on User Content, they provide to Zebra Impact Ventures in order to use such content in connection with the Website. Users declare that the provision of such content to Zebra Impact Ventures does not, and Zebra Impact Venture’s use of such content in connection with the Website will not, infringe any third party rights.

4.3. Zebra Impact Ventures allows its Users to share Website content for non-commercial purposes provided that such Users refer to the Website when sharing such content.

4.4. Users shall not share any content (in particular if collected by spidering, crawling or otherwise processing the Website) provided on, from, to or through the Website for commercial purposes without Zebra Impact Ventures’s prior written consent.

4.5. Users who think that the provision of any content on the Website infringes any copyright or other intellectual property right may at all times contact Zebra Impact Ventures at info@zebraventures.ch  and ask Zebra Impact Ventures to remove such content from the Website.


5.1. The Terms are applicable to any User as long as such User continues to access and use the Website.

5.2. Subject to article 10.3., Users may at all times terminate their relationship with Zebra Impact Ventures governed by these Terms by ceasing their access and use of the Website.

5.3. If a User ceases to use the Website, provisions of the Terms which are by their nature meant to survive, shall stay in effect, in particular provisions regarding liability (article 7.), the relevant articles of the Privacy Policy as set forth in the Privacy Policy, intellectual property (articles 9.2.) as well as governing law and jurisdiction (article 11.).


6.1. The Terms shall be governed by Swiss law at the exclusion of any provisions of conflict of law rules that might lead to the application of other than Swiss law.

6.2. Users irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Geneva, Switzerland, for any conflict arising from or in connection with the use of the Website.