Strategic partnerships

We move through collective action and partnerships whenever possible, to support speed and scale.

We bring together a full ecosystem of committed partners and investment specialists, impact investors, academics, and experts.

We focus on investment and partner with the right investors that believes in our expertise and capacity.

Our first investment strategy in on the transformation of food systems in partnership with Mirabaud Asset Management. For more information, please visit this page.

Our portfolio

A growing collective of impact driven companies making big change.

Pachama is evolving the carbon credits marketplace to standardise verification and efficiently connect supply and demand. It trains machine-learning models using satellite imagery, radar and field plots to estimate the carbon stored in forests today and into the future.

Koa’s upcycling process reduces the on-farm waste associated with cocoa fruit production, generates additional income for farmers and brings new ingredients to the food and beverage industry.                       

BettaF!sh makes seaweed-based fish alternatives, allowing consumers to save the ocean while enjoying their favourite foods. With BettaF!sh, coastal communities can continue their livelihoods with regenerative and sustainable seaweed cultivation instead of fishing.

CleanGreens develops an aeroponic system designed for greenhouses, for different species of leafy greens and herbs. An automated robot sprays directly a nutrient-mix solutions on roots, and enable to save large amount of water.

Micropep develops a solution based on micropeptides to modulate existing plant gene expression. Their complementary solutions are used with traditional chemical inputs and tackle agricultural challenges: crop resistance to chemicals, regulations and soil degradation.