Trends Shaping the Future of Food in 2023 – S2G Ventures report

Agriculture is transitioning to a system that is less extractive and more regenerative. Supply chains must become more resilient to support food security. Food is heading towards what consumers want – nutritious, more affordable products with better flavor.

Here are the 10 trends to follow:

01 – Robotics will be deployed on farms at commercial scale
02 – Digital technologies will enable profitable, climate-smart farming on land at sea
03 – Nascent input technologies become mainstream
04 – Supply chain optimization technologies can reduce costs, emissions, and risk
05 – Controlled production will improve food security and system resilience
06 – Adoption of food waste solutions will be recognized as both a good business practice and an essential tool for feeding the world
07 – Innovative packaging and closed loop recycling will begin to address our plastics problem
08 – Novel ingredients will enable the next generation of plant-based foods
09 – Cultivated protein will provide consumers around the world with safe, sustainable food
10 – Food will become central to the effort to prevent chronic disease and improve health outcomes

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Text source: S2G Ventures